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|| High Paying Primary Jobs

Roy Williams, President of the Greater Oklahoma City Chamber of Commerce, has concluded in a five minute video that,

“You really cannot create an economy.  You really cannot create an economic strategy if you don’t understand the importance of primary jobs.   And how primary jobs are the sole provider of economic development!”

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Mr. Williams elaborates,

“Primary jobs are those jobs, and they can be either a product or a service, that are value added.  And that product or service is then exported out of your respective geography.  What they are doing is importing wealth back into your community….Primary jobs create an economic market.  Secondary jobs then automatically occur.  However, focusing on creating secondary jobs never leads to the creation of primary jobs.”

|| Tactics

Popular venture capital initiatives tend to think in the following terms compared to TEC-Search s which is highlighted in yellow.

  • Knowledge-Based High Technologies versus Low & Medium Technologies
  • Products Based on New Technology versus Redesign of Existing Products
  • A Single Big Company versus Many & Varied Smaller HDQs
  • R&D within a University versus Re-Design by Inventors & Designers
  • Research Parks versus Virtual Venues
  • Creating Technology versus Finding Inventions/Processes
  • Attracting Branch Plants versus Creating a "Reproductive Headquarters (HDQ)"
  • Product-Markets Exceeding 1/2 Billion versus Niches Under $200 Million
  • Venture Capital versus Inventure-Equity
  • Capital Gains versus Dividend Type Revenue Streams
  • Wealth Creation versus Weath & Job Creation
  • Entrepreneurs versus Experienced Professional Management